The Schomberg Society

Building a strong & dynamic Ulster-Scots community within the Kingdom of Mourne and beyond.

Promoting Cultural Traditions

Harnessing the talents and abilities of the Ulster Scots community among all the people of Mourne and beyond

Promoting Understanding

Media outreach, drama, music, dance and the visual arts are used to promote a better understanding of our Ulster-Scots culture.

Creating an Ulster-Scots Hub

Reivers House is our Ulster-Scots Centre based in Kilkeel, where our Ulster-Scots activities, events and projects take place.

What’s on in Reivers House?

kirknara-school of dance

Kirknarra School of Dance

Highland Dance Tuition Classes in Reivers House, Kilkeel and in Annalong Orange Hall.


Ulster-Scots Educational Outreach

A range of Ulster-Scots projects, workshops and activities.


Schomberg Fife and Drum

Living History Re-Enactment Group and Tuition Classes in Fife, Flute, Snare and Lambeg Drum.

Schomberg Thistle Club

Schomberg Thistle Club

A range of fun activities, events and support services for Senior Citizens in Reivers House, Kilkeel.


Drum Majoring

Drum Majoring Tuition Classes in Reivers House.

The Highland Heathers

The Highland Heathers

Young Ladies Group hosting a range of fun-filled activities.

Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

Capacity Building Training Courses and Workshops for Ulster-Scots Groups, Marching Bands and the Loyal Orders.

The Reivers Youth Choir

The Reivers Youth Choir

Singing Tuition Classes for children in Reivers House.

The Reivers Festival

The Reivers Festival

One of the largest and most successful Ulster-Scots Festivals in N. Ireland.

Youth Development

Youth Development

A range of activities and projects for our young people.

Schomberg Folk Orchestra

Fiddle Playing

Traditional Fiddle/Violin Tuition Classes in Reivers House.

Ulster-Scots Guided Tours

Ulster-Scots Guided Tours

Facilitating Group Visits to Reivers House and Ulster-Scots Guided Tours of the Kingdom of Mourne

Fusefm Mourne

Fusefm Mourne

Broadcasting of our part-time Ulster-Scots Community Radio Station, live from Reivers House.

Ulster-Scots Cultural Events

Ulster-Scots Cultural Events

A huge variety of Ulster-Scots events throughout the year to celebrate our Ulster-Scots culture.


Whats On

See what’s on in the Schomberg upcoming calendar!

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Reivers House, Kilkeel

“Building a strong and dynamic Ulster-Scots community within the Kingdom of Mourne and beyond through empowerment and education.”


Schomberg Society formed in 1998.



An Ulster-Scots Umbrella organisation.



Promoting our rich Ulster-Scots culture and traditions.

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Yesterday, the Poppy Appeal 2020 was launched!

Poppys are now available in local shops and we would certainly encourage everyone to show their support to this very worthy cause!

Last night we enjoyed having a Brexit Discussion Event via Zoom from the safety of our own homes!

A special thanks our host Kingsley Donaldson and the panelists, Councillor Glynn Hanna, Councillor ... See more

Well done to Archie Provan, age 12 from Greengairs, Scotland for sending us in this photo of himself with his finished Poppy Drawing! 👏

Archie is pictured here with the swagger stick which ... See more

Photos from Schomberg Mourne UlsterScots's post


In recent months, many children coloured in rainbows and displayed them on their windows to show their support for the NHS! 🌈

This Remembrance, why not print off ... See more

A big thank you to ASDA Kilkeel and especially our local ASDA Champion, Stephanie Rogers for kindly donating cleaning products and stationary to Reivers House! 👏

This very kind donation will be ... See more

Here's a wee throwback to our 11th July Pageant last year! 🎉

The Landgirls were a new feature in our Pageant and celebrated the contribution of so many women to the war effort during World War ... See more

Photos from Schomberg Mourne UlsterScots's post

Our Ulster-Scots Tourism Exhibition Pop-Up Stands have arrived and they’re looking fantastic!

We’re looking forward to having our Pop-Up Stands on display in various venues in the coming months ... See more

Home - The Schomberg Society

If you get a wee chance, why don’t you check out our website, where you will be able to learn more about the Schomberg Society and all of our activities! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

There is ... See more

The Schomberg SocietyBuilding a strong & dynamic Ulster-Scots community within the Kingdom of Mourne and beyond. Promoting Cultural TraditionsHarnessing the talents and abilities of the Ulster Scots ... See more

Please see below information regarding the Veterans Zoom Chat!

Well done to our Highland Heathers Ladies who did a fantastic job with their recent Ulster-Scots Healthy Brunch activity! 👏

These girls are a great bunch and we are very lucky to have them as ... See more

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This time next week, Reivers House will be buzzing as we will have kicked off our Christmas broadcast of #Fusefm #Mourne!

Lovely photo of brothers Paul and John Stevenson with some of the goodies they received in one of our packs we had distributed to celebrate #UlsterScots #Leid Week!

The excitement is building! Make sure you get yourself a copy of our Fusefm Mourne Radio Schedule before the broadcast starts next WEDNESDAY! #FusefmMourne #UlsterScotsRadio

Make sure to tune into #FusefmMourne on Saturday 12th December at 7pm for our #UlsterScots Virtual Christmas Concert!

Today we celebrate St. Andrews Day, the Patron Saint of Scotland!

This is a special day in the calendar for Scots all over the world, including Ulster-Scots here in Northern Ireland!


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